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How it all started...




I’m a brit, who has been living in Denmark since 2009. A little over a year after moving here, my already receding hairline became dramatically worse. The main reason for this was the constant use of weaves and extensions, and not giving my hair a rest in between having these beautiful styles done. For years, I never really knew how to take care of my natural hair, and I didn’t have the confidence or patience to wear my hair naturally. The weaves and extensions helped me to have the style of hair that I wanted, without the stress of having to take care of my curls. But my hair and scalp were suffering for it. In September 2010, after much encouragement from a friend, and a lot of research, I took the plunge and decided to wear my hair naturally. I applied all the knowledge that I had learnt, and went from this:

Sept 2010

Hair before treatment



To this: Approximately 4 years later

Curly Hair After Treatment
Curly Hair After Treatment


It wasn’t an easy process, and I made many mistakes along the way. But once I applied the right hair care practices, I began to see a huge difference in my hair. Looking back, I wish that I had had the support of someone to help me along my journey, and didn’t have to sift through the copious amounts of information available, to get the healthy hair that I have today. This is why I started I Love Natural Hair.

That was 2011…

Today I am a trainee Trichologist (which is the study of diseases and conditions of the hair and scalp), working with the various conditions that can affect our hair and scalp, such as dandruff, greasy hair, the various forms of alopecia, even hirsutism etc. My desire is to teach practical healthy hair care based on science, to achieve a healthy scalp and hair.

The naturally curly community is growing and creating positive change! Im grateful to be a part of that. My desire is to make I Love Natural Hair a one stop shop for all curl types. I want every curly to feel that there is something here for them, and that they can find the support they need on their personal hair journey.

Carriene x