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Book a seat at one of our workshops and learn how to best take care of your wavy, curly or afro-textured hair. Our goal is to empower you through practical education to take care of your natural hair. All the information is science based and the methods are easy and proven to work!

Online consultations via Skype are now available. Learn about your hair from the comfort of your home. If you are in a different time zone to +1 GMT then please email us to find a time.

All wavy, curly and afro textured hair types welcome.



1-5 persons

Language: English

Duration: 10.30 am - 4 pm

150 DKK Gift Voucher included for products in the I Love Natural Hair Webshop

If you would like to receive continuous support after the workshop, please tick the box under 'Additional Benefits'

  - Continuous support gives you access to the exclusive ILNH support group where your questions will be answered by a professional and you can receive continuous help and guidence for as long as you need it.



Should you need to cancel please give us 24 hours notice. You can do that via email (contact@ilovenaturalhair.com) or by phone. If you cancel less than 24 hours before, you will have to pay for half of the fee.



 Berlitz, Borgergade 28,DK-1300 Copenhagen K


For workshops outside of Copenhagen CONTACT US or call us for more information Tel: (0045) 52 73 43 78




Customer Reviews

best consultation Review by marie
Product Satisfaction
Jeg er kun ærgerlig over, at jeg ikke kom afsted noget før. Carienne var grundig og interesseret og ualmindelig dygtig til at give både mig og min datter tro på og lyst til at begynde at behandle min datters hår på en god og sund måde. Jeg kan kun anbefale en konsultation hos Carienne - og gør det allerede! (Posted on 7/5/2017)
Exceeded all expectations. Loved the science of hair. Review by Judy
Product Satisfaction
After more than 3 years of trying to free myself of the braids, I finally took the plunge and made an appointment with Carienne. The consultation really sealed the deal. All my worries and concerns were fully addressed. Not only did I learn about my hair but Carienne walked me through step by step the entire process. I came away with the knowledge and tools to achieve success. Having access to Carienne during the process is a bonus. Knowing I can write to her and have her respond makes all the difference. I don't feel like I'm on my own as I embark on my hair journey. You are the best Carienne (Posted on 2/15/2017)
Warm and caring service Review by Karen Kisakeni
Product Satisfaction
I had the pleasure of getting a Skype consultation from Carriene. I was a bit sceptic doing it online instead of IRL but was pleasantly surprised! It was a very thorough consultation and it was very useful! I would however prefer a real life one, if I had to do it over again, so Carrion could help directly with the hair typing and the evaluation of the state of my hair from the very beginning. I did however meet with her later on on my hair journey, which was good.
What I really like about the Ilovenaturalhair hair consultation service is that you can continue to contact Carriene with questions arising as you go along. For example sitting at the hair dresser and a questions arises, then you just reach out to Carriene and she gets back to you instantly, solving the issue - how great is that!
If Ilovenaturalhair hair consultation would comprise of more individual styling tips and tricks, e.g. combining the consultation with a cool hair dresser or stylist, I would give the full five stars! (Posted on 9/13/2016)
Exciting times ahead!!!! Review by Selena
Product Satisfaction
I had my consultation via Skype with Carriene and very quickly felt comfortable. I was given a new perspective on how hair grows, stays healthy and breaks.
I am now on a positive natural hair journey which has been inspired by Carriene. It will be interesting to see what happens in the first 3 months and I'm taking my daughter on my journey too (Posted on 1/27/2016)
De varmeste anbefalinger Review by Udgangspunkt i dine og ikke (kun) hendes mål for dit hår!
Product Satisfaction
Jeg kan på det varmeste anbefale en konsultation hos Carriene. Jeg er selv "hvid" med glat hår, og har haft mine store udfordringer med mine to døtres smukke og kraftige afrohår.
Efter at være blevet guidet af Carriene igennem, hvorledes denne hårtype arter sig og bedst tages vare på, er hverdagen blevet meget lettere. Noget af det jeg bedst kan lide ved denne konsultation er, at Carriene tager udgangspunkt i dine specifikke behov og udfordringer, samt at hun spørger efter hvad DINE mål er og underviser dig med udgangspunkt i dette. M.a.o. prøver hun ikke at "pådutte" dig en masse, du ikke er klar til (endnu).
Jeg oplever Carriene som meget kompetent, grundig, interesseret, engageret og imødekommende. Jeg giver Carriene mine varmeste anbefalinger. (Posted on 12/27/2015)
Imødekommende og informativ Review by Bente
Product Satisfaction
Jeg tog en solokonsultation for at få hjælp med min datters afrohår.
Carriene var super imødekommende og professionel. Hun tog sig tid til at pejle sig ind på hvor vi var i processen, og hvor vores problemer var - og så fokuserede hun mest på dem. Hun kom med gode og brugbare råd.
Min konsultation var for en måned siden, men jeg har allerede mærkbare resultater - i form af færre knækkede hårstrå, færre konflikter og ingen tårer på "hårdage".
En decideret mirakelkur var det ikke - for det kræver stadig en del arbejde. Jeg kan ikke anbefale det nok.
Jeg købte "premium-pakken", som inkluderer efterfølgende hjælp pr mail og facebook mv. - På trods af at jeg stillede spørgsmål i efterårsferien svarede Carriene mig hurtigt da jeg havde nogle yderligere spørgsmål. Jeg kan ikke anbefale hende nok :-) (Posted on 11/15/2015)
nice and professional Review by Kesia
Product Satisfaction
Very good knowledge about my type of hair. (Posted on 4/12/2015)
Very informative Review by Chali
Product Satisfaction
I was referred to Ilovenaturalhair through a facebook group and I am very happy that I booked a consultation with Carienne as she was very personal and detailed. I got all my questions answered and left with a feeling that I knew everything I needed to know to take care of my son´s hair. It does take a bit of time afterwards to look through your notes and get hold of the nescesary products but it´s like that with all new things and once you tried the new routine a couple of times you get the hang of it. Carienne has a very friendly and warm personality and I would recommend her any time. (Posted on 3/3/2015)
Great service and excellent help based on science! Review by Adjoa
Product Satisfaction
I had a hair consultation with Carriene the other day. I just can´t praise her enough! She was really detailed but fun and caring in her way of explaining. Her explanations weren't only instructions but also included well-reasoned statements based on science! She gave me many good pointers about my hair and hair in general. She has given me a realistic hope about my hair and made me realise that I can achieve great hair if I am willing to work for it. I definitely recommend a hair consultation. She is small one-woman company but I do believe that she deserve to grow much bigger, because her contributions to the natural hair movement and community is much needed. (Posted on 2/15/2015)
Meget tilfreds Review by baldus
Product Satisfaction
Jeg har været til hår workshop hos Carriene sammen med 3 andre mødre til børn med afrohår. Det har været virkelig givende. Carriene er dygtig, velforberedt og venlig og hun har rigtig mange gode råd og tips. Det bedste er, at man efterfølgende kan ringe til hende eller skrive på mail eller sms. Min datters hår har i hvert fald haft gavn af den viden jeg har fået. Hvis man er bare lidt i tvivl om hvordan man behandler afrohår på den bedst mulige måde, vil jeg varmt anbefale Carriene. (Posted on 2/7/2015)
Necessary "natural" change with a good guide! Review by Kisakeni
Product Satisfaction
I had the pleasure of having a consultaion with ILNH on Skype. I really appreciated the flexibility and the long consultation. I've had braids and extensions for about 15 years+ almost without any breaks, so I've known for a while that I had to go natural at some point, if I didn't want to destroy my hair completely. And here ILNH comes as a very good companion!

I love that one can always return to ILNH for any questions one might have along the 'hair journey'.

I only made this decision to go natural about a month ago, so results are yet to be seen :-) (Posted on 2/1/2015)
Great hair consultation Review by Maria
Product Satisfaction
I had a hair consultation with Carienne last year. I was and still am very pleased. I especially appreciate Carienne's scientific, "no bullshit" approach - she really enlightened me with important knowledge about my hair.

I learned that my routine was not that far off, but I was using the wrong products. Since I optimized my routines and changed my products, my hair has been more soft and less dry with more defined curls and less frizz. And I am even saving money on products, since I learned to use the right ones in the right way.

I am happy! (Posted on 2/1/2015)
You CAN grow afro-hair :) Review by Patricia Bbaale-Bandak
Product Satisfaction
I've been a natural for many years now and to be honest it's been a struggle. For many years I thought only mixed race people could have long, nice curly hair. Until I met Carriene. I thought I knew my hair but most of what I thought got turned upside down and my hair has never been easier to maintain. it's soft, healthy and long!!!! And I'm 100% African :) Thank you so, so, SO much Carriene :) (Posted on 12/2/2014)
video tutorial Review by Naïma
Product Satisfaction
let me just say that I am SO happy I came across ILNH! It has made me appreciate my wavy-curly hair to the extent where I never use heat/flat iron on my hair ever! I watched the video on how to wash and treat looser curls and haven't done anything else since! I haven't had the chance to try out jessicurl products but I really want to try them out!! Thank you for teaching me to appreciate my north-african genes!! LOVE IT!! <3 (Posted on 11/23/2014)
Wish Carriene could do consultation online Review by Britt
Product Satisfaction
Hey guys,really wish Carriene could do consultations online(Skype maybe ?) I'm a white girl with almost Afro hair. I have very dry colour damaged hair, and always wish I could find products to help(like a gel hold that doesn't feel stiff and crunchy,that has like a soft oil like finish with hold,does that make sense?). Would you guys consider that? (Posted on 6/4/2014)
I am Soooo Happy for Natural hair Review by Judy
Product Satisfaction
I had consultation with Carriene 9 month ago, and my hair is growing like crazy. 15 centimeter so far. I am so happy for the help that Carriene gave me. Thanx a lot Carriene, me and my hair love you!! (Posted on 3/12/2014)
:-) Review by Julie
Product Satisfaction
Jeg har haft store problemer med min datters afro hår da jeg absolut ingen ide havde om hvordan det skulle plejes. Jeg fik anbefalet at prøve en "Hair workshop" hos Carriene hvilket var alle pengene værd. Jeg havde de rigtige hår produkter, men brugte dem forkert. Jeg har nu lært hvordan jeg skal bruge produkterne og hvordan min datters hår skal plejes. Efter 4 uger hvor jeg har fuldt Carriene's råd til punkt og prikke er hendes hår begyndt at blive blødt og det er fuldstændig slut med filter og knuder ;-))

(Posted on 3/12/2014)
Great insight, and yes, knowlegde is power!! Review by Mrs Omo.K
Product Satisfaction
I had my very first consultation with Carriene yesterday, and I am so happy with the infomation I've gained from the hour and half consultation time, wow what a great insight, she really knows what she's talking about, and now I am confident, and very happy with my hair, as Carriene has thought me that there's no bad hair, I only have to learn how to manage it!! Thanx a lot Carriene, great job!! (Posted on 3/11/2014)
Imponerende engagement og venlighed Review by Merethe
Product Satisfaction
Jeg har været til hårkonsultation sammen med 3 andre, hvor Carriene fortalte os om pleje af naturligt afrohår. Det var en god begyndelse, at være afsted og møde Carriene. Hun ved, hvad hun taler om og er meget engageret.
Det bedste af det hele er, at Carriene efterfølgende har været til rådighed på mail, sms og telefon.
Hun giver gode råd til plejeprodukter, styles, osv osv. Hvad end man har på hjertet.
Det er super rart og jeg har haft meget glæde af det. Carriene er sød, venlig og rigtig god at snakke med.
Carriene yder også en god service på hendes netshop, hvor hun sælger de produkter, som ellers kan være svære at finde.
Kan klart anbefales. (Posted on 11/22/2013)
Fuld tilfreds og mere til. Review by Rikke
Product Satisfaction
Vi havde en konsultation for knap 1 mdr. siden, og min datters hår er nu helt forvandlet. Ved hjælp af Carriene's råd og vejledning har vi nu forvandlet håret fra en portion ståluld til at være dejligt blødt og medgørligt.
Vi har fået rigtig mange gode råd, og har efterfølgende fået dem på skrift fra Carriene. Vi har en åben "hotline", hvis vi løber ind i problemer, og det er meget vigtigt for Carriene, at vi har succes med vores hårprojekt - dejligt med den store opbakning.
Det kan virkelig anbefales at tage en konsultation! (Posted on 11/5/2013)
God og saglig rådgivning Review by Minna
Product Satisfaction
Jeg var til hårkonsultation (/workshop) med tre andre, og vi fik alle gode og brugbare råd mht. pleje og styling af vores børns hår. Carriene er en meget behagelig kvinde, der har styr på sine ting, og giver saglige råd funderet på videnskabelige undersøgelser. Det var dejligt at kunne få svar på alle de spørgsmål man havde, og ikke mindst få udryddet nogle myter ;-) Jeg glæder mig til at komme i gang med en helt ny tilgang til min datters hår. Det er ingen vidunderkur, men viden om, hvordan man bedst passer og plejer afrohår. Der skal bruges en masse tid i den kommende tid på at få gode resultater - men med Carrienes råd og tilbud om kontinuerlig hjælp føler jeg mig godt rustet! :-) (Posted on 11/4/2013)
An eye opener Review by Afrochick
Product Satisfaction
As the summary says the meeting with Carriene was an eye opener. First of all you are greeted with a very kind person, who you can see really believes in her domain. She is there to help you but also to educate you in natural hair. Getting to understand the scientific basic about your hair is very helpful. Suddenly I understood some of the struggles I have had with my hair. Now I understand how to solve them. All of my wrong beliefs I had about my hair got killed. That was an eye opener.
At the consultation you work out a plan with Carriene, you will follow and you get to practice it, so she can be sure that you will be doing it right. So you really get an overall fantastic meeting that will change your approach to your natural hair, in a very good way. There will be results! This meeting has really been life changing for me and my now beautiful natural hair! (Posted on 9/27/2013)

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