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TYPE 2 - Wavy Hair

A definite characteristic of type 2 hair, is that the wave in the hair forms a definite ‘S’ shape, that sticks close to the head, as opposed to other curlier types of hair, that stands away from the head.

hair type 2

Type 2A

2A hair is fine and thin and manageable. It is able to take on straight or curly styles easily.

Type 2B

2B hair is medium in texture and wavy in nature. You tend to find that this type of hair sits close to or hugs the head.

Type 2C

2C hair is course in nature and tends to frizz more than the other variations of type 2 hair.

Hair Care Tips:

  • Type 2 hair is usually neither oily or dry. Therefore it is recommended that daily to every other day cleansing and conditioning is needed. To keep wavy hair buoyant, use sulphate free cleansers. Because wavy textures lie closer to the head than any other curl patterns, using light-weight styling products designed for wavy hair is suggested. It is recommended that mousses or gels that enhance curls without weighing them down, are used to keep hair from looking flat and greasy.
  • Avoid towel-drying hair as that can create frizz and damage the strands of your hair. For those that prefer to use a towel to get rid of excess water, a micro-fibre towel is recommended. Apply your styling product to damp hair (gently squeeze out excess water) to help reduce frizz and keep volume in the texture.
  • To build volume it is recommended that you use a light Mousse or gel, designed for wavy hair. Then gently dry hair with a diffuser.
  • Many curlies have found that using a satin pillowcase helps to keep their curls and waves in ‘top form’. The smoothness of the fabric allows your hair to glide softly across it, helping to keep the curls well formed and frizz to a minimum!