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In order to have beautiful hair, there are certain steps you need to take in order to give your hair the best chance at being healthy. Choosing the right products are just as important as following these four steps to having great hair.

It is important to cleanse your hair regularly. Clean hair is healthy hair. Like most things, it is hard to thrive in dirty conditions and it is the same for our scalp and hair. The key is not just how often you cleanse your hair but also the type of shampoo you use. Using the right shampoo can make all the difference.

The basic job of a shampoo is to clean the hair by removing dirt, excess oils and scales. The formulation of shampoos can contain ingredients that can either help or hinder the appearance and chemical make-up of the hair.

Products for Curly Hair Treatment

It is vitally important that those of us with wavy, curly or kinky hair use shampoos that moisturise as well as cleanse the hair. Characteristically, our hair is prone to dryness due to the curl pattern. Therefore we do not want to aggravate the condition by stripping our hair of its natural oils. I LOVE NATURAL HAIR has chosen a range of natural, ph balanced sulphate-free and moisturising products that we believe promote healthy hair.

For curlies, detangling is also an important part of the process. Curly and afro textured hair have the tendency to interlock more than any other hair types. The tighter the curl pattern the more it interlocks, which explains why afro textured hair especially, tends to lock more easily than any other hair type.

You should only detangle the hair when wet, damp or with some form of oil, conditioner or moisturiser in your hair. This not only helps with pliability but also protects your hair against unnecessary breakage.

Whilst detangling, treat your hair like the finest cashmere. It is vital to detangle first with your fingers before using tools such as wide toothcombs or Denman brushes. Your hands are an under-used tool. Your fingers can feel tangles a lot better than a comb can. When detangling always start at the ends of the hair and work your way up to the root.

Using the right conditioner for your hair is important as it improves the moisture and protein content of the hair. It also restores the look of each strand of hair, giving it a shiny moisturised appearance.

Conditioners are also great for providing slip on the strands of your hair, which makes it easier to manipulate and detangle, without your curls interlocking and causing breakage during the process.

Do not underestimate the importance of water for your hair. It is a natural and under used method of moisture, for our delicate curls. Water-based products can also be equally as moisturising.

When choosing a moisturising product for your hair, make sure that the first ingredient listed is water as that indicates the main ingredient of the product. Adding moisture to the hair whether it is in the form of water or a water-based product not only hydrates but also allows for pliability and manageability.

In order to see how these 4 steps work together, please see the how to videos for instruction.




The intake of vitamins and exercise are an important part of the process towards having healthy hair. A good-multi vitamin tablet that covers all major vitamin daily intake should suffice.

Exercise is also of great benefit, because it not only helps to keep you fit and healthy but it may help to stimulate hair growth.

Exercise raises your temperature and improves the blood circulation around your body including your scalp. This stimulation may promote hair growth.

Some products advertise the inclusion of vitamins and minerals, which sounds great but may not always do anything to help your strands. Vitamins and minerals work better for your hair, when absorbed internally as opposed to externally.

Other than having a good hair care regimen, it is important that we understand that how we treat our bodies and what we put into our bodies ultimately reflects on the outside. That includes our hair.