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  • Curly or Afro textured hair cannot grow to long lengths......False!

All hair has the same composition, just different characteristics, such as texture, colour, curl pattern etc. All hair, no matter whose head it grows from, has the potential to grow to long lengths. Hair grows on average 6 inches per year.

Curly hair is more prone to dryness than those with straight hair. The tighter the curl pattern, the drier the hair. Extreme dryness is usually caused by a lack of moisture, therefore causing the hair to break. The continual breakage of the hair gives the impression that curly and textured hair doesn’t grow. Dry hair also gives the hair a dry, frizzy, even matte appearance.

  • Trimming your hair makes your hair grow......False!

Trimming your hair does not make your hair grow. It does nothing more than even the hair end and create a neater style, for hair that may look a mess from split and damaged ends.

  • Water and washing your hair regularly dries out your hair!......False!

Washing your hair regularly does not dry out the natural oils in your hair. On the contrary, water is a great source of moisture for your hair, not the enemy. It helps with dryness as opposed to promoting it. The problem may be that after washing your hair you do not add a sealant, such as a leave-in conditioner or a natural oil. As a result, the water in the hair evaporates leaving the hair dry. For textured hair it is recommended that you wash your hair once a week. For the other hair types, you should wash it, every other day to every 3 days (see hair types for recommended washing). Clean hair is healthy hair.

  • Hair can suffocate.....False!

Once the hair strand leaves the scalp, it is not alive but dead. Therefore myths that hair can suffocate can be dismissed.

  • Losing hair isn’t natural.....False!

Unless you have health problems that are affecting the health of your hair and scalp, then shedding hair is natural. However there is a difference between shedded hair and broken hair. Hair sheds daily. Each strand has a life span of 2-6 years. You can shed anything from 50-100 hairs a day. The little white bulb on the ends of the hair signifies shed hair. If the hair does not have a bulb at the end of it, it is a broken hair.

  • Hair oils, greases and pomades can grow the hair......False!

Hair greases, oils and pomades do not grow the hair. They only coat the hair strands. The natural oils and pomades can be excellent sealants for keeping water inside the strands of your hair, which in turn helps with moisturising, but that is all.