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Welcome to I Love Natural Hair


Woman and child showing hair styles

Can you relate to…..

Having unmanageable, dry and brittle hair, that always seems to break and never grows beyond your neckline let alone your shoulders?

The only relief you have when dealing with your hair, is the time that you have the extensions or weave in?

You are able to work magic on your extensions or weave, but when managing your own tresses, it proves difficult?

Maybe you have dared to take the ‘natural’ route, but just cannot seem to tame your hair or manipulate it, to look its best?

Perhaps you have curly hair that you feel you can’t do anything with?

You fear that if you cut your hair, it may look like a mop gone wrong, but when you grow it, you seem to be left with curls that are dry and dull?

Or maybe you do not fall into any of these categories. You love your curls, kinks and waves! You simply wish to find the right products and wear flattering styles for your hair.


Well look no further! We have a selection of products tips and

information that will allow your hair to work for you.

We, at I LOVE NATURAL HAIR want to encourage you to embrace your God given curls. We want you to have an understanding of your hair, in order to make informed choices about the products you use, styles you wear and the tools you use to do it

In using the correct methods, it is possible to have beautiful, moisturised curls, kinks and waves regardless of the texture of your tresses. Before we can move forward on our hair journey, to having beautiful curls, it is important to assess the issues with your hair.

Define your goals. Whether it is to have longer hair, more volume, moisturised hair or just all round healthier tresses, having clear goals makes them easier to achieve. Finally develop a good hair routine. In order to achieve these goals you may need to find better products for your curls, take better care of your hair and spend more time caring for it.

Whatever steps you need to take in order to achieve jaw-dropping waves and curls, we at I Love Natural Hair are here to steer you in the right direction.

We want to encourage you to heart your natural hair!