5 ways to keep your hair more moisturised over the winter months




If like me, you live in a country where the sun rarely wants to make an appearance; and warmth is a rarity, then you are going to need some tips on how to keep your curls looking and feeling more moisturised, and less like dry tumble weed over the coming winter months.


Here are 5 top tips to help:



1) Moisturise your curls more often. It is recommended that you moisturise at least once a day but there is no harm in moisturising more than once in a day to keep your curls hydrated. There is nothing worse than a crisp looking curl. Just don’t forget to seal your hair with an oil, butter and or conditioner after moisturising it with water or a water-based product.



2) Wear more protective hairstyles. I get that you want to show everyone how fabulous your hair is, and why not! After all, you spend so much time caring for it; why not show off all of your hard work. However, keeping your curls tucked away in low manipulation hair styles like braids, twist, buns, bantu knots etc, not only minimises breakage, but it helps with reducing moisture loss.

3) Use glycerine in your hair or products that contain glycerine. Glycerine loves water, so much so, that it attracts it from moist environments into your hair. Take care though, as it can have the opposite effect in dry conditions. If it cannot attract water from the environment around you, it will take it from your hair and scalp instead.



4) Keep your curls covered. With winter on its way, it’s a great excuse to buy yourself a fabulous looking hat to keep your curls covered and protected from the elements.



5) Drink more water. Moisturising your hair from the outside is important but so is hydrating your hair from the inside. If your  body is well hydrated i.e. the vital organs, then the body is able to spare enough water to hydrate your skin and hair.