1) Keep Your Regimen Simple



I must admit that I was a product junkie for a long time. I’m now in recovery. I’m trying to spread the good hair news, that you don’t need to fall into the trap of using too many products, or do too many things to your hair.

Many of us are guilty of jumping onto the next hair fad, popular product or food to try out on our hair and scalp. However, this could be the very reason why your regimen isn’t working out for you. Just because a product is popular doesn’t mean it’s right for your hair’s needs. Keeping it simple is always recommended, and choosing what your hair needs rather than what is popular is important. The fundamentals for your hair are regular and consistent hydration from water, alongside a great conditioner for all its conditioning properties, i.e. bringing softness and pliability to your hair, and a good moisturising cream/hair butter to seal in all that moisture.

Using too many products can potentially cause issues with your scalp and hair, and of course affect your bank balance. Therefore find some favourite staple products, whether they are shop bought or home made, and keep it simple.


2) Not committed to the process



Today we are exposed to a gazillion forums, websites, and social media platforms, that have a plethora of information available to teach you how to take care of your curls. As many of you know, I Love Natural Hair also runs regular workshops to teach you how to practically take care of your hair.

Despite the wide availability of knowledge, the honest truth is, if you are not committed to doing all the things needed to have healthier more beautiful curls, you can’t expect to have the hair you have always dreamed of. Like anything, whether it’s your studies, career, a partner, you get out what you put in. So if you only do half of the things needed to maintain healthy hair, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work out as you hoped. There’s no cutting corners when it comes to having the beautiful hair that you deserve.


3) Lack of Patience




 Patience is one of those things that many of us need a lot of but dislike the idea of. We live in a society where everything is at microwave speed; where we want what we want, and we want it now; otherwise we give up. However, when it comes to a healthy hair care routine, consistency and patience are key.

If you haven’t been treating your hair very well, it may take a little bit of time before you see a change in your hair. So do yourself a favour and wait! Don’t give up on the process and continue to do all the necessary things needed to achieve the goals for your hair. Your future self will thank you for it. As long as you are doing all the right things, then the health of your hair is only a waiting game, which will pay off.


4) Acceptance


You may have to accept that your hair doesn’t look like your favourite hair guru, and do you know what… that’s OK. In some cases it’s not that your hair routine isn’t working, it’s more that perhaps you haven’t fully accepted your hair for what it is. You have to understand that your hair does what it does and one size doesn’t fit all. There are multiple types of beauty, and not just the rhetoric you are fed from the society that you live in.

Maybe you have to come to a realisation and acceptance that your hair looks how it looks, it does what it does and that’s what makes you perfect. So the next time that you look in the mirror tell yourself that you are perfect just as you are.


5) Wrong products 


You can be doing all the right things, but if you don’t have the right products to complement your healthy routine, that can mess everything up, including your hair. Its all about balance - Implementing the right routine and using the correct products to complement all the hard work that you have put into maintaining your hair.