4 ways to protect your curls this summer


Summer is finally here! And you know what that means…?! Bikinis, BBQ, festivals, good food, friends and family!

But how do we keep our curls protected and looking amazing in these next summer months. Check out our top tips on how to keep your hair protected this summer.

  • Moisturise your hair regularly – You may find with the constant outdoor swimming, and sitting in direct sunlight, that it may cause your hair to dry out. We recommend regularly moisturising your curls by misting your hair with warm water and adding your favourite Leave in conditioner, oil and or Cream.

  • Wear a hat in direct sunlight – Now we understand that many of you in the northern hemisphere have been waiting for what seems like an eternity to sunbath, but take care with your curls in direct sunlight! When your hair is directly in the sun rays for too long, it can cause damage to your hair’s fibres, and possibly burn your scalp. We recommend, throwing on your favourite baseball cap, or hat, to protect your hair. For a quick summer style, try wearing your hair in a low bun, or pony tail with your hat.

  • Use a silk pillowcase Silk Pillowcases are great temperature regulators, so less sweating in the hot summer months! It also helps minimise frizz, doesn’t take out moisture from your hair, and the added bonus is, that it helps in the fight against wrinkles on your skin. What’s not to love about the silk pillowcase! I can promise you, it’s worth the money!

  • Drink more water! - Being out in the sun means that you may sweat more, which means you lose more water than normal. Therefore, keeping yourself hydrated is paramount for the health of your hair. If you're dehydrated, your body will direct much-needed moisture to more critical functions, leaving your hair to fend for itself. Growth may slow or stop, and the hair shafts may become brittle and develop split ends, so get your drinking bottles ready! You are going to need them.


Now all that is left to do, is be fabulous! Have a great Summer!